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Shredding Tyres reduces transportation costs by 75%

Transporting tyres intact is very expensive, most of the airspace is lost due to the form of the tyre which is far from ideal and reduces profits.

With the cost of freight only increasing its important to maximize efficiency when loading tyres into containers or trucks for transport.

The TANA Shark allows four times the amount of material to be loaded for one trip which reduces transportation costs by 75%. This allows for a huge saving with less trucks required for transport and less containers required on ships transporting end of life tyres.

The 440DT can shred all kinds of tyres, steel wire is removed in the shredding process and by an over-band magnet in the unloading conveyor. The Shark enables full control over the particle size, from 50 to 500mm, which means time and cost savings because it’s possible to perform shredding in just one pass. It only takes 10 minutes to add or remove screen sizes providing flexibility on output size.

In March GCM ENVIRO delivered a new TANA SHARK 440DT to Tempe Tyres based in Sydney. Tempe Tyres offers a tyre disposal and recycling service as an adjunct to its retail business, they processes passenger, light vehicle and 4WD tyres into 150mm shred for export.

The business is a high-volume operation, churning out 10-15 containers a week of processed tyres. The previous machine operating on site was not keeping up with the demand and was not consistently shredding tyres to the desired size for transport.

After a demonstration of the all the TANA Shark 440DT at GCM ENVIRO’s headquarters in Sydney Tempe Tyres pulled the trigger and took immediate delivery of the machine.

Since making the change Tempe tyres have been very impressed as it has been processing with ease, while maintaining the quality of the shred desired.

“It’s a tough machine and the quality of the final product is better than we were previously getting."…“TANA is the best machine for this job.”

- Sam (Manager at Tempe Tyres)

While Sam’s won over by the TANA Shark’s capabilities, he says GCM Enviro’s service and professionalism is another reason Tempe Tyres made the switch.

“And they’re local,” he says. “Whatever you want, the parts are available in Australia. That’s very important when you’re running a business like this. You don’t want equipment to be idle for days while you’re waiting for parts.”

Recycling tyres is one of the fastest-growing business opportunities around the world. With tyres being diverted from landfills this means that more and more tyres are being recycled for raw material or for new applications, such as ground rubber mulch for playgrounds or rubberised asphalt, or are burned as tyre-derived fuel (TDF).

The TANA Shark 440DT plays an important part in the recycling industry as the machine not only starts the process of recycling tyres but reduces costs and overall emissions in the process with its tyre volume reduction capabilities.

To find out more about the TANA Shark click here.

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森 杨
森 杨
14 окт. 2023 г.

Hi Sir!

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Director of Intl Dept.

Tofonep Sorting & recycling Machinery Co., Ltd.

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