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GCM Enviro Pty Ltd is a leading distributor for the latest in waste management equipment, from landfill compactors and shredders through to state of the art screeners, windsifters and compost turners
GCM Enviro was formed in 2004 and is a 100% Australian owned company, which emerged from an established Australian agency of 20 years prior.
Throughout the country, we have sold over 3200 machines. These machines have earned an excellent reputation for robust design and reliability. This reflects in our current standing as the market leader in Australia.
Whatever your waste management needs, GCM Enviro can provide you with the equipment and expertise that you need.
From landfill compactors, shredders and compost windrow turners, through to state-of-the-art sorting and screening equipment, GCM Enviro has it all.
Top-quality equipment from world-renowned manufacturers. GCM Enviro is the exclusive distributor of high-quality European-made and engineered machinery for waste management. We have a range of efficient and reliable solutions for composting, waste recycling and landfill management from: 




GCM Enviro’s mission is to provide customers with cutting edge technology in solid waste management, combined with state-of-the-art control and monitoring systems.
The objective of this mission is to improve our customer’s business and enable them to increase revenue - “from waste to value”.
Quality Machinery
Distributing high-quality machinery which currently exceeds many of Australian Standards, combined with efficient service back up, with approachable personnel, we envisage a continued growth of market share and ongoing industry support.
Product Support
A constant dialogue between manufacturers and clients is maintained to ensure that design is governed by market requirements, particularly in the harsh climatic conditions we experience.
GCM Enviro is a privately owned company, where long-term goals are set, and we always operate with our customers in mind.
Key principles in GCM Enviro’s operation are:
Customer orientation
Continuous improvement.