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EnviroWaste and the TANA H520

Envirowaste are confronting the reality of New Zealand’s waste problem every day, providing local communities and businesses with a range of safe, convenient, and environmentally friendly solutions for their waste and recycling needs.

On the operational side EnviroWaste need to manage incoming waste in the most productive way possible as compaction needs to be optimized to extend the life of the landfill.

Over the years GCM ENVIRO has had a long-standing relationship assisting EnviroWaste with the delivery of several previous generations of TANA landfill compactors which include the G, GX and E Series.

With the site requiring a new machine the order was made and a TANA H520 was delivered at the end of June.

The H520 optimizes efficiency with its twin 3.8M drums and 52T weight enabling the landfill to handle a heavy workload.

TANA Landfill compactors have been an asset to EnviroWaste's operations and it was great to see the 52T machine put straight to work.

To learn more about the TANA H520 Landfill compactor click here.

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