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Tana ProTrack - Smart technology for maximum efficiency

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Added technology helps keep track of shredder’s movements

Many waste materials require tailored, task-specific recycling processes. Furthermore, many waste operators require a machine that can be used to pre-shred material, for secondary shredding, for small particle size shredding in one pass and for in-line systems.

This is where the Tana Shark can help. The machine is well suited to shred a variety of materials, such as:

Solid recovered fuel



Railway sleepers




Green waste including tree stumps


Ragger wire and other special materials.

Rather than being designed for a specific purpose, which used to be the case for many shredders, the Tana Shark is designed to cater to a plethora of materials. This avoids narrowing the field of tasks and applications.

The Tana ProTrack system used to support the shredder also contributes to ease of use. Tana ProTrack Smart Technology

The Tana Shark has inbuilt smart features called Tana ProTrack. It enables internet access and a real-time view to the machine for authorised personnel.

The Tana ProTrack improves accuracy of trouble-shooting and minimises downtime. In a best case scenario, upcoming failures can be prevented by reacting to the early symptoms and data. The machine can be tracked remotely, which allows greater control of its operation.

Tana vice president Mirja Yli- Erkkilä said Tana ProTrack also allows the owner or operator to follow productivity of the machine per treated material.

“It helps in keeping the machine uptime on a maximal level because it offers the possibility for preventative maintenance as well as maintenance planning.

When technical support is needed, more accurate and quicker trouble- shooting can be done.

“Through the real-time view, machine functions and productivity/ output of each material can be tracked.

“Once the owner is familiar with the tool they can make certain adjustments in machine settings and instruct the operator of the loading machine to load the shredder in a different way to improve the output,” Yli-Erkkilä said.

“This is possible because the machine is equipped with conveyor scale measuring the output and advanced control system with different operating programs optimised for certain material and particle size, which can be adjusted in given limits.”

Tana ProTrack collects all machine data and also the process data. Upcoming scheduled maintenances, fuel consumption and working hours can be downloaded.

It’s also possible to track the work shifts and the efficiencies of the operators of the machine, if this function is enabled.

“It also creates a solid basis for developing added value services to customers to which Tana as a manufacturer is heavily focussed,” Yli-Erkkilä said.

In an industry where digitalisation hasn’t been adopted as quickly as in other industries, Yli-Erkkilä said the Tana ProTrack can offer companies an easy-to-use tool they will benefit from daily.

“The world is becoming more digitalised every day. The waste sector has not been among the first ones to adopt it – at least not when it comes to mobile machines.

What Tana ProTrack is at present, is just the first step towards the future where mobile machines are connected to each other and the whole process can be adjusted simultaneously instead of adjusting each machine separately.

“The ultimate goal is to help the waste sector inform driven decision- making and business development,” Yli-Erkkilä said.

The Tana Shark shredder, with the added feature of the Tana ProTrack, opens up multiple possibilities for many waste operators needing a reliable machine, Yli-Erkkilä said.

“It has versatility in terms of both the range of materials it can handle and the particle size of the output. It is a robust structure, high torque, smart control system with remote access and smooth adjustability of the machine are the elements of it.”

Features of the Tana Shark:

a patented swing frame construction protects the gearbox, which increases reliability and maximises uptime of the machine;

the adjustable rotor to screen clearance can be narrowed down to one millimetre. The optimal clearance depends on the material and the mesh size of the screen;

the rotor configuration and knife design results in a half cutting effect that allows the Tana Shark to crush practically any solid waste fraction; and

the opening sidewall provides easy and safe access to clean and remove non- shreddable objects from the rotor shaft.

Features of the Tana ProTrack:

3D real time view to machine operation with production summaries enable efficient production management and optimisation;

equipment utilisation and operation cost management using facts provided by ProTrack, for example fuel consumption, utilisation splits and summaries;

diagnostics and equipment health monitoring including warnings and alarms, service logs and service reminders; and

proTrack allows Tana back-line experts to perform remote fault finding and parameter optimisation.

GCM Enviro is an exclusive distributor of Tana products.

For more information, call us on +61 2 9457 9399

This article first featured in the Dec 2019/Jan 2020 edition of Inside Waste magazine.

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