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TARPOMATICS - Landfill Cover

Location: Mount Kuring-Gai NSW


Year: 2020

Hours: 10 

**2 Systems Available**

Tarpomatic is a multi-award-winning Automatic
Tarping Machine that is currently used at over
600 landfills worldwide. It is a patented, selfcontained
unit that attaches to the blade of a
dozer or compactor to unroll and retrieve heavy
duty tarpaulins.
Tarpomatic tarpaulins are manufactured from
high quality 340 gsm woven polyethylene
fabric treated with an antibacterial coating and
weighted with chains to withstand winds of up
to 100km/hour. They are also flame retardant,
carry the highest UV rating and are impermeable,
keeping odours in and water out.


The Automatic Tarping Machine (ATM) uses
a hydraulic drive motor and engaging system
to unwind and rewind the tarp spool with
variable speed control. Each spool can cover
up to 870m² (each spool can hold up to three
292m² tarps) and spools may be connected and
disconnected easily using a single ATM to cover
an unlimited active face area.
The equipment operator has complete control
of the ATM from the cabin, controlling the
engine, height of the spool, deodorising system
(optional) and forward or reverse rolling via a
remote control. Using the equipment’s own
capabilities, the operator also has control over
the ATM’s height and tilt for even tracking when
winding or unwinding a tarp over uneven terrain.

Automatic Tarping Machine with one (1) spool
• Wireless Remote-Control System II
• Engine Security Enclosure

Tarpaulins (each covers 292m2)
Integrated Deodorising System

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