TANA H320 Landfill Compactor

The most productive landfill compactor on the market



The advantage of the full-width twin drum design of a TANA compactor is that it reduces the number of passes required from 6 to 4. This creates savings both in time and fuel.​ With a Minimum of 10% better compaction, Tana compactors will extend the life of your landfill site. A TANA compactor also reduces the use of cover soil by 50% due to its full-width drum and rigid frame.

TANA compactor can outperform the competitors by a 8–12 % savings in fuel consumption. The environmentally friendly ecomodel with a Tier 4 final engine reduces fuel consumption up to 8–9 % over Tier 3 engines.

Better Compaction

TANA’s rigid frame utilizes the weight of the machine through the twin drums.

The end result is a smooth, firmly compacted area. Waste trucks can drive safely and quickly to the tipping area for unloading with minimized risk of vehicle breakdowns caused by unevenly compacted ground.



The full-width drum provides excellent traction avoiding slipping or sinking wheels while leaving a smoother more uniform pass. 

Extend the life of your landfill

TANA Compaction Guarantee: Minimum of 10% better compaction.

Better Visability

TANA Cabin forward design provides the best visibility and ergonomics.