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eTurner Windrow Turner

The Turner is the world’s first completely electric and zero emissions windrow turner which has been developed together by Austrian scientists.

Composting plants and agricultural businesses use mostly tractor-drawn turners or diesel-powered compost turners. The operators of these machines are exposed to extremely unpleasant conditions due to the slow travel speeds, high ambient temperatures, the gases released and the odours that occur during the turning process.

The eTurners modern design provides a solution to this problem by allowing its operators to work at a distance as the turner is operated with a remote control or has the option of a lane assistant where the turner runs through the windrow automatically, steered by sensors.

The eTurner is designed to handle both green and industrial composting for both indoor and outdoor operations.

Equipped with a rechargeable 750Ah lead battery which has an operating time, depending on compost quality, of 1.5-2h. There is also the option of another battery switched over in minutes with the use of a 2T forklift.

The machine has 3 electrical motors, Two 5.5kW motors on each side of the tracks and one with 35kW for the drum drive.

The machine is fully transportable on a hook lift platform or a low loader and can be loaded on every hook lift truck which makes the machine very versatile to be used on different sites.

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