Trommel Screen t50


Due to its high level of technical equipment, the T 50 can be used for virtually all types of materials. Regardless of whether you have compost, soil, refuse, wood or metal, the Terra Select trommel screen allows you easily separate fine and oversized particles.

Usually in the five metre class, trommel screens are equipped with a 1,800 mm diameter drum (with a drum length of 4,500 mm). This is where the Terra Select T 50 shows an immediate big advantage: It has a 2,000 mm diameter drum that significantly increase screening performance by as much as 20%. This gives an output of up to 150 m³ per hour.

The filling hopper has been generously designed accordingly to match the throughput of the mobile Trommel Screening Machine. It has a capacity of more than 6 m³ and ensures uncomplicated loading using a wheeled loader or from a continuous screening process.

A specific and unique feature of the T 50 is the optional, extra-long fine particle belt. At a length of 8,060 mm, it is possible to increase the bulk cone formation by up to 80% compared to conventional fine particle belt lengths. In addition, it is positioned at a greater distance from the Trommel Screening Machine, making manoeuvring with a wheeled loader much easier.

Other key features of the T 50 Trommel Screening Machine include the quiet-running diesel engine, the extra-wide conveyor belts and the single piece conveyor belt for fine material. 

The T 50 Trommel screen can also be customised to customer requirements. A magnet roller, a radio remote control or a mobile windsifting unit are just a few of the many options available. Please contact us to answer any questions and find out more about the T 50 Trommel Screening Machine.

Key facts:

  • Trommel Screening Machine for compost, soil, wood, refuse and metal

  • Unique features: Optional fine particle belt 8,060 mm long

  • Single-piece conveyor belt for fine material 

  • Drum diameter of 2,000 mm

  • Screening capacity of up to 150 m³ per hour

  • Feed hopper with a volume of more than 6 m³

  • Quiet diesel engine (55 kW); optional: larger 81 kW engine



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