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Two Landfills, Two TANA H260 Landfill Compactors.

Cassowary Coast Regional Council manage and operate both landfill sites based at Tully and Innisfail QLD.

To assist with the operation and compaction of waste at both sites the Council tendered for suitable 26T Landfill Compactors.

The Council understood to make full use of each landfills potential it was important to select a Landfill Compactor that will compact incoming waste as densely possible.

With TANA offering a minimum 10% better compaction over its competitors the TANA H260 Landfill Compactors were a great choice for both sites.

The H260 is fitted with two full width drums which make full use of each pass.

Compaction is important and so is fuel economy, with TANA's unique design fewer passes are required, which results in fuel savings and time spent in the cabin.

Excellent drivability and straightforward machine management and controls make for a very user friendly experience.

TANA landfill compactors are all about working smarter, not harder.

Better Compaction = Less Passes Required = Less Operator Hours = Less Machine Hours = Better Fuel Economy & Lengthened Servicing Intervals.

If like Cassowary Coast Regional Council you’re looking to take your landfill operations to the next level than talk to the team at GCM ENVIRO.

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