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Two Compactors, One Big, One "Small"

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

In the last couple months, GCM ENVIRO has delivered one 52 Tonne E520 Landfill Compactor to BINGO Industries and one 26 Tonne H260 to Goulburn Council.

(TANA E520 ECO - BINGO Industries pictured above)

With two deliveries for two different Landfill Compactor sizes it might raise the question for some why select one size compactor over another? and is bigger always better?

(TANA H260 - Goulburn Council pictured above)

When it comes to selecting the right compactor it’s important that the right size compactor is selected for the landfill it will operate within.

Waste compactors are typically marketed based on their weight, for example TANA’s product line includes compactors with operating weight from 26 to 52 tons.

Operating weight determines how much waste a compactor can process and compact.

The heavier a compactor is, the more waste it can compact with one pass, thus compacting more waste per hour. If the compactor is too small, it can’t process incoming waste quickly enough, resulting in stoppages or clogging of waste input.

Every moment that incoming waste waits to be unloaded is revenue lost.

However heavier compactors cost more to purchase and operate.

Maximizing revenue is therefore not based on getting the biggest compactor, but rather the correct size for the landfill.

A compactor’s capability to manage a certain amount of waste is based on its weight and width.

For example a compactor weighing 32 tons is capable of compacting 200-650 tons of waste per day.

This is the compactors theoretical capacity.

In real life use it’s not smart to continuously operate a compactor at the upper limit of its theoretical capacity. A 32 ton compactor is enough to compact 20-65 tons of waste per hour. It can handle 65-85 tons when needed, but continuous operation at the upper limit increases wear and shortens the service periods.

It's important to choose the right type of compactor based on your landfill type, hourly waste input streams and requirements.

Because of this TANA understands that not all landfills are the same, and not one size compactor fits all.

When it comes to selecting the right machine for the right landfill TANA offers a range of compactors to suit your landfills needs:

  • TANA H260 - 26 Tonne

  • TANA H320 - 32 Tonne

  • TANA E380 - 38 Tonne

  • TANA E450 - 45 Tonne

  • TANA E520 - 52 Tonne

If you would like to learn more about TANA's range of compactors click here.

According to Phillay who works at BINGO Industries, the reason for their purchase was simple.

“My big boss told me that TANA was the best” he says.

Phillay adds that the machine has been performing well, backed up by GCM’s high-level of pre and after sales support.

“The TANA compactor is a great machine. It gets the job done and is simple to use,” he says.

With BINGO industries running a high volume landfill there was no better choice than the TANA E520.

As for the team at Goulburn Council they were excited to take delivery of the H260 at the end of May and experience the all new H series which is a new model in the TANA line up.

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