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The Long Road to Karratha - TANA E520 eco

It has been a challenging year for many businesses operating throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, with many restrictions and travel bans in place travelling interstate is not as simple as it once was.

While these restrictions are in place there is still lots of work to be done, and one of those jobs was commissioning a new TANA E520 eco Landfill Compactor to Karratha City Council.

The old saying goes if you are going to do a job; you might as well do it right, and that’s exactly why the Karratha City Council chose the new TANA E520 eco Landfill Compactor.

The E520 Eco is the largest landfill compactor in TANA’s range and was the landfill compactor of choice not only due to its size at 52 tones but also due to its unique twin drum design and Tier 4 engine.

Better compaction and better traction, the twin drum design reduces the number of passes required from 6 to 4 saving time, fuel and airspace.

With travel passes obtained and flights booked from Sydney to Perth the one condition of travel for the GCM Enviro team was that they had to drive from Perth to Karratha rather than taking a connecting flight.

Now Western Australia is a big place and with Karratha a 16 hour drive one way it meant for a long drive ahead.

However, rules are rules so with the rental car packed the journey to Karratha began.

While the GCM Enviro team had to social distance it didn’t take long for them to feel welcomed in WA as it became common practice for one driver to wave to another when crossing paths on the long road north.

While making the 16 hour drive north the GCM Enviro team were assured they were heading in the right direction when they spotted the big yellow 52 Tonne TANA Landfill compactor heading north.

The Karratha City Council warmly welcomed the GCM Enviro team and were very eager to learn how to operate the new landfill compactor as they previously had a 4-wheel landfill compactor on site.

After two days the E520 eco was assembled, the team was trained and it was obvious to see what a difference the new twin drum compactor would make in comparison to the old 4-wheel.

The Karratha City Council team were very impressed by the ease of operation, the great driving visibility due to its forward cabin design and ability to leave a much smoother uniform pass with the twin drums.

Here it GCM Enviro our repeat business speaks for itself however we have noticed that once our customers make the switch from a 4 wheel compactor to the twin full-width drum they don't look back.

The delivery and commissioning of the new E520 eco Landfill Compactor was a great success and while the GCM Envio team would have liked to stay longer in WA it was time to return to Sydney and yes the 16 hour drive back to Perth…

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