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TANA E520 ECO - The Heavy Weight Champion

To start the new year GCM ENVIRO delivered a new TANA E520 ECO Landfill compactor to the Central Coast Council in NSW.

The Landfill Compactor has been put to work at the Woy Woy waste management facility which operates seven days a week.

When selecting the right compactor for the job the TANA E520 simply outperformed its competitors.

The E520 is a heavy weight at 52,000kg sitting on two massive 3.8m full-width drums.

Why size matters?

The operating weight determines how much waste a compactor can process and compact. The heavier the operating weight of a compactor is, the more waste it can compact in one pass, thus compacting more waste per hour. If the compactor is too small, it can’t process incoming waste quickly enough, resulting in stoppages or clogging of the waste input. For every minute that incoming waste waits to be unloaded, revenue is lost.

The benefit of TANA's two full width drums is you can work the landfill surface a lot quicker reducing the number of passes required from 6 to 4.

Because of this the Central Coast Council will save money on fuel and time spent in the cabin while achieving a minimum of 10% better compaction to its competitors.

With over 20 TANA E520's delivered to councils Australia-Wide in the last ten years we have had a lot of positive feedback.

Here at GCM Enviro we have found once our customers switch to TANA they don't look back!

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