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Shire of East Pilbara take delivery of TANA H260

One of the easiest ways to extend the productive lifetime of a landfill is to choose a landfill compactor that offers the best compaction rate on the market.

When it came to selecting the right compactor for the job the TANA H260 was the compactor of choice for Newman Landfill based in Western Australia managed by the Shire of East Pilbara.

The TANA's higher crushing power is achieved by the full-width twin-drum design and crushing teeth, with a rigid frame, which are unique to TANA landfill compactors.

While four wheels can provide more weight per square meter, the overall compaction rate stays low when waste extrudes around the wheels. This is one of the reasons TANA landfill compactors can achieve better compaction with less driving.

With TANA offering a minimum 10% better compaction over its competitors the TANA H260 Landfill Compactors were a great choice and the team at the Newman Landfill were impressed with the new compactor.

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