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Industrial Shredding Campaign

Veolia travels 1000's of kms to collect waste from the Cooper Basin to be then processed at the Santos owned and Veolia operated waste management facility based in Moomba SA. In 2020 the Shredding Campaign was initiated to help extend the current cell life of the landfill while also reducing recyclable volumes in preparation for transport.

The troublesome incoming materials were Tyres, Pallets, Pond Liners, Large Plastic Drums and More.

The size of these hollow items makes them difficult to load and transport, costing valuable time and money.

The TANA 440DT was a game changer for their operations as the machine allowed a massive reduction in the size of their recyclable product. This resulted in significant savings on transport costs while also reducing the carbon footprint by decreasing the number of trucks on the road due to volume reduction.

Redundant pond liners were also troublesome waste product for the facility, this is due to the size and composition which take up a considerable amount of space.

With the use of a TANA Shark the volume of this material was reduced by 80-90% which has made transport and handling more efficient.

Prior to the TANA Shark the landfill had zero steel recovered from tyres, however during the 8 week 2020 campaign 38 tonnes of steel was recovered from the Sharks overband magnet.

Through this campaign Santos found a 75% reduction in transport for the remaining processed rubber and the benefit for Santos being an overall reduction of tyre processing cost of around 60-70%.

Overall the Shredder Campaign was a huge success, with the operation seeing:

  • The life of the landfill being extended

  • Transport costs reduced due to volume reduction

  • Increased waste recovery and recycling

If you're looking to learn more how the TANA Shark can support your waste facility click here.

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