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Gremac E2 + Increased Performance

Modular, Robust and Versatile.

With the success of the Gremac E2 the German Manufacturer Gremac has now released the brand new model the E2+

This machine has a slightly bigger drum in comparison to the standard E2 and with that an increased screening capacity up to 70m³/h! (20m³/h more than the E2).

The weight of this machine is only 3.5t including the generator, Making the e2+ drum screen the screen with the highest capacity in its weight class!

E2+ is suitable for a range of materials such as soil, sand, gravel, stones, green waste, wood chips, compost, recycled materials, C&D and glass.

The drum screens are made of galvanised steel, which makes the machines very solid and durable. Despite the solid material, the screener is very light and easy to transport.

With a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes the E2+ is small enough to be towed behind your 4WD or UTE, making it easily transportable from one worksite to another.

All Gremac machines are made using galvanised steel. To ensure an excellent quality, the machines are produced in the German factory.

The Gremac E2+ allows for interchangeable screens and is suitable with mesh sizes from 10-100mm.

Maintenance-friendly, with a larger door so the drum, lower belt and cross belt are easily accessible the E2+ is very user friendly.

To find out more about the all new Gremac E2+ click here

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