Trommel Screen T80

3 times screening
Terra Select T80 Trommel Screen

The Trommel screening machine T80 creates 3-fractions in one work step. It reaches impressive screening capacities with 3 fractions in one passage with its efficient screening surface of approx. 49 m².

The Trommel screen T80 is equipped with a 4.4 l Perkins engine (90 kW power).

The screening Trommel with a length of 7.500 mm and a diameter of 2.200 is divided with 2 selectable different perforations.

Thus, fine screening operations can be perfectly effected due to the long screening surfaces, which are arranged one after another.

The use of an optional hinged hopper grid on the infeed hopper separates the "thick chunks", when the machine is filled, to totally 4 different fractions. As an option, all discharge conveyors can be equipped with magnetic rollers in different qualities, e.g. high-quality Neodymium.