Extec Slow Speed Shredder 3600S

1995, 1000 Hours, Located Sydney

Extec Slow Speed Shredder

MODEL – 3600S
YEAR – 1995
HOURS – 1000

Key features:

• Fully mobile and self-powered
• Very high hourly throughput of material
• Very high volume reduction factor
• Processes mixed material containing heavy metal

Applications include:

• Volume reduction of C&D waste
• Shredding of domestic waste in preparation for incineration
• Landfill reprocessing
• Primary shredder of tires especially truck and earthmoving tyres


• 1700 mm x 2400 mm shedder system
• 80 mm teeth width (2 x 12 pieces)
• 120.000 Nm teeth power
• 10-12 rpm roller speed
• 458 mm action radius of the teeth
• 3 axle trailer
• Output up to 600 t/h depending on the material
The 3600S waste reduction shredding system is designed to meet the challenges faced by both businesses and society in dealing with new environmental legislation and the need to recycle more materials.
The most formidable machine of its type anywhere in the world. While it processes all the material handled by niche machines such as wood, plastic and tyres. Its sheer colossus manifests itself when it tackles C&D containing re-bar concrete and other heavy materials. Users say 'it will almost shred anything'.