A shredder for the most difficult of materials

Originally Published in Inside Waste Magazine Dec17/Jan18 By Jan Arreza

A shredder for the most difficult of materials

IN 2014, the Tana Shark swam onto our shores and at the time, Inside Waste gave a rundown of the machine’s key specifications. But don’t worry, we’ll jog your memory below. Three years on and GCM Enviro, the exclusive distributor of the Shark has found many homes for the machine, with a multitude of waste streams for it to devour. Inside Waste speaks to some of GCM’s clients about how the Shark has been performing to date.



“Biocoal makes solid recovered fuel (SRF) used in energy from waste plants or in cement kilns. They had two smaller shredders that weren’t shredding the materials properly and the size reduction wasn’t sufficient enough for the plant to run efficiently. “From an efficiency and throughput point of view, the Shark was selected because of its ability to achieve the reduction in size of the shredding of many different materials that are required for the production of the SRF.

“In terms of ease of operation, it gives us the ability to move the machine from site to site with ease, and they are relatively easy to service, manage and handle - our staff were trained really quickly on the machine and became competent in its operation in no time. “From our point of view, I don’t think there’s really much that could be improved on. For what we use it for, for what it is capable of doing, for the outsourcing and the contract work that we send it out for, it’s perfect for all of those applications.”

- Jamie Brown, operations controller, BioCoal



“We chose the Shark because we previously used a Lindner shredder for the Cyclone Debbie clean up and it could not produce the quality of mulch that we required.

“The standout feature of the Shark is that it can do all these different waste streams and materials without any problem. The Shark has also allowed us to tender for a broader aspect of waste reduction.”

- Paul Verwoerdt, owner, Tropical Mulch Group



“It was the only shredder around that could do multiple streams and materials – no other machine was able to separate nails or handle metals going through it. The Shark ticks all the boxes as far as I am concerned.

“It is opening the doors on new opportunities. For example, no more tyres or concrete are going to landfill, and instead, they are being shredded up and used to make baseload power. With green waste, we are turning it back into compost.

“We are finding everything good so far and the guys over at Tana are open to any criticisms I have or any alterations that I want to be done, which we have done in order to make the machines a little bit more user-friendly on our site.

“If we hadn’t had the Shark, I think we would’ve had all sorts of problems in our operations and we wouldn’t have had the proper inputs into the business that we are after.”

- Chris Curran, owner, Aus Shredding



Key specs: 

  • Shreds particle sizes of 35mm-500mm.
  • Suitable for most reusable, recyclable and recoverable materials, including mattresses, tyres, cables, municipal solid waste (MSW), green waste, or construction and demolition (C&D) waste, for the purpose of volume reduction, renewable energy fuel production, or recyclable material production.
  • Available in tracked or semi-trailer models.
  • Hydraulic-driven, diesel engine powered, single shaft, low-speed mobile waste shredder.
  • Comes with a hydrostatic transmission and is controlled by a TCS control unit, which protects the system from overloading, overheating and damage caused by non-crushable material.