Life of Forest Rd Landfill extended thanks to a new compactor.

Life of Forest Rd Landfill extended thanks to a new compactor


Article supplied by Tamworrh Regional Council

Tamworth Regional Councill will be able to extend the life of its Forest Road landfill site by up to 50% through the purchase of a new garbage compactor.

tana e520 landfill compactor


The Tana E520. a specialised purpose-built garbage compaction machine designed and built in Finland was delivered to the Tamworth Waste Management Facility on Forest Road at the end of last month.

The new 'super heavy duty' vehicle weighs 52 tonnes - about double that of the compactor previously used - it is purpose-built for superior landfill compaction with more power, excellent stability characteristics and safety features.

It has twin drums and a highly effective drum tooth configuration which, coupled with the increased weight of the machine, provides superior compaction of waste compared with previously used four-wheel units.


Waste Services Manager Jon Beckett said the new unit's stand out feature is its capability to increase the density of compacted waste, which means more waste is in each cubic meter of the landfill.

"Waste density in completed cells will now be increased from approximately 800 kg/m³ to 1200-­1400kg/m³ under standard operating conditions," he said,

"The benefit to the Tamworth community is in saving landfill space through better compaction which results in an extension to the operating life of the Forest Road Landfill, deferring the significant financial costs Involved in establishing new landfill facilities.

"Additionally, the Waste Services staff at the landfill will benefit from improved safety, control and precision in landfIlling operations ensuring a continued high standard of service provision in waste management."


The Forest Road facility has been the region's main waste disposal operation since about 1973. Over the years, it has progressively been adapted to focus an recycling and resource recovery rather than only waste disposal.

In recent years the facility has received around 75,000 - 80,000 tonnes of waste each year with around 50% diverted from landfill through resource recovery operations at the site.


Mr Beckett said the new compactor is part of a broader waste management strategy.

Tamworth Regional Council's Waste Services team is undertaking life of landfill planning for the Forest Road facility and we continue to focus on the recovery, recycling and reprocessing of waste streams.